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WEB3 companies alone earned around 1.8B dollars during H1 of 2022 and is expected to prosper all the way to 2024, around where the industry is eyed to earn almost 20B dollars in revenue. In the midst of this technological success, nothing has been more crucial than the implementation and progress of blockchain technology. Just this year alone, spending on blockchain solutions will reach $11.7B dollars. These advancements lead to financial companies saving up to $12B dollars a year, boosting blockchain gaming a whopping 2000% from Q1 of 2021 to Q2 of 2022; and of course, it will only get better from here.

Southeast Asia currently boasts 14% of the world's shares in global cryptocurrency transactions and is already exceeding the billions mark for crypto, Web3 and blockchain venture funding - making it one of the key sectors for developments in this field. We at ALESYS acknowledge these numbers and how they are all guiding us towards the future revolving around these new technologies - our goal is to help our clients successfully transition and establish themselves in the field of Web3 and blockchain integration.

Blockchain and Web3 2022

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Web3 Revenue by 2023


Global GDP boost by 2030


Boost blockchain game
performance from 2021 to 2022


Total number of Blockchain transactions


Crypto Adoption Penetration rates for countries such as Vietnam, Philippines and China

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Alesys takes pride in being able to flexibly adjust to every client's needs.

Here at Alesys, we do our best in precisely pinpointing the issues at hand, and then giving the most effective solutions to those who avail our services. We approach all of our customers with the intention of providing customized and personalized services, ensuring customer satisfaction is kept at the maximum level.

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Alesys can tailor to a vast number of Southeast Asian countries as we can provide our support in
English, Chinese, Japanese and Filipino.

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Broad Blockchain Game Database

As blockchain game enthusiasts, we have coverage over multitude of blockchain game data from the past couple of years.

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Many companies wish to implement such technology since one of the main benefits of implementation lies in its security and transparency. Allowing blockchain technology to thrive in a business network ensures guaranteed data traceability, which means security of data records is ensured. Many investors and developers are looking at Web3 and blockchain to be one of the spearheaders of the digital world, and based on the numbers above, they won't come off looking wrong anytime soon. Start your future today with Alesys and get a headstart on the limitless possibilities these technologies could hold.

Here at Alesys, we are committed to providing our clients with the best solutions they could get with their situations, hence, we make sure that we are prepared to attend to almost every issue that might arise. Although, our expertise definitely shines with Blockchain Technology, and specifically, Blockchain gaming. With our experience in the field, we are even capable of delivering results by supporting our customers' projects from inception to execution.

Our brilliant staff consisting of Japanese and Filipino currently commits to operations based here in BGC, the Philippines.

Our services differ from client to client so we do not have fixed rates for our services. Our prices range depending on the level of service required to meet our clients' needs so if you are interested to know how much it will cost you, feel free to inquire below and book a consultation with us, so we could propose an estimate based on the situation at hand.
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